Introducing LokiBots!
It works like you!

Get hands on with this sleek performer and get your tasks done quickly and smartly.

Creating a bot is the easiest thing you’ll do today.

We have democratized the bot creation - by making it as simple as recording your screen.
It all starts with
recording your screen.
The bot will watch and learn,  and keep a track of where you clicked, and what you typed.
Do your thing, by
adding steps.
Analyze the recorded steps and edit them as required. Add new steps that were not recorded.
Voila! Your bot is all
set to function!
Publish the bot and share it within your organization or globally. Schedule the bot to run as needed.

LokiBots Features

Bot store

Browse through the bot Store and add Ready-To-Deploy bots created by our expert partners. The bots created by the user & it's associated tasks can be published to bot store for re-use.

Business process flows

Create a war-room to sequence tasks of multiple bots of different parents. Easily build a complex network of nested and dependent tasks and schedule them for an end to end process automation.

Interactive API platform

Option to add any public API to the interactive API platform. Easily add cognitive API's from Azure, AWS, IBM, and GCP. Intelligent automation can be easily enabled using third-party cognitive APIs.

Python enhancements

Write a python code before and after each bot step. Take help of Python experts to embed a code in the automation process to handle a complex business scenario.

Revert back changes

All the changes made will be tracked in history and users can revert to any point in time. Versioning is one of the most useful feature to easily revert back to an earlier bot version.

Secret manager

Secret Manager is a secure and convenient storage system for API keys, passwords, certificates, and sensitive data. It provides a central place and single source of truth to manage secrets.


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