Unlock insights from documents

Parse the contents of a form, table, or invoice. Convert images to text, classify documents, analyze and extract entities using machine learning. Be it a handwritten or printed document, LokiBots models can extract key value pairs from invoices, resumes, bank mandates, identity documents (passport, DL etc), educational transcripts, mortgage and loan forms, insurance forms and various other documents.
Automate now

Accelerate document processing.

Process documents to speed up loan applications

Transform the home loan experience for borrowers and lenders by automating mortgage document processing. Reduce processing time and streamline data capture while supporting regulatory and compliance requirements.

Automate procurement documents

Automate procurement data capture at scale by turning unstructured documents like invoices and receipts into structured data to increase operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and inform decision-making.

Sourcing resumes, parsing, job matching

Source candidates from 3rd party job boards and the web. Parse resumes and job orders with control, accuracy and speed. Match the resumes to the job description and give ratings.

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