Enhance Employee & Customer Experience using Conversational AI.

A zero-code platform to upload FAQs, Q&As, Documents (HR Policies, Knowledge Articles, Product Menus etc), Tabular data (Excel reports from software applications). API for personalization & real-time data feeds. The Conversational AI can handle unstructured conversations and related actions.

One conversational bot for all your business requirements.

Lead generation from websites

Generating leads from web traffic is a big hassle. With AI winning against human marketing, SmartBots will support the lead nurturing process with gamified conversations, incentives and additional information to qualify prospects into willing customers. The leads will be shared in real time with your team.

Give 24*7 chat support

It is hard to guarantee live chat support to your visitors with a support team round the clock. But, a smart chatbot can offer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year prioritizing customer support over everything. An added advantage is its human-like behavior and instant responses that connect with the human.

Interactive Landing Pages

Countless clicks get wasted in the PPC campaigns every minute due to landing pages being static. Instead, engage your customers further with interactive landing pages through chatbots to see growth up to 2x immediately.

Conduct conversational surveys for queries.

Chatbot is the new way to survey and the only way. Conduct surveys by driving conversational interactions with customers via providing a better experience and significantly recording higher response rates. It also helps free up the customer service team from complex cases saving their time and effort.

It’s easy to get started.