Image & Video Analysis

Verify a person in a photo or video by comparing it against images in private repository. Detect if persons in images are wearing face masks, hand gloves, and helmets and whether they cover the corresponding body parts. Use AI for online proctoring.
Automate now

Automate theOnboarding, Verification Process

Face verification

Perform face verification by comparing a photo with an identifying document such a driver's license.

Face detection & Face mask detection

Detect faces in images and videos and identify gender, age, glasses, facial hair, tiredness, sleepy, eyes open etc. With the COVID-19 challenge, identify if the customers, employees, students, faculty wear face masks and remind them as needed.

Online proctoring

LokiBots monitors the interview participant or a student during an examination. LokiBots detects suspicious behavior, copying, usage of smart phones, gaze tracking, and classify whether the person is trying to take the help of an external medium during evaluation. It detects the eyeball movement, tendency to speak, external voice, person count, head gesture, facial expression, and sentiment of the candidate.

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