Emotion AI

Gather data from multiple sources, live camera feeds (images, voice, video) as well as data from feedback survey, onboarding & reservation form, complaints and reviews on social media to find patterns and trends hidden within it, facial expressions, voice patterns and Sentiment analysis.
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Improve theSales Process

Capture demographics like male/female/age group characteristics of customers

Identifying an approximate age category, male/female, etc of their walk in potential customers for each of the products on display

Increase conversion rates

Measure & increase the conversion rates, improve the customer experience by helping customers to find what they came for. Identifying how much time a sales person spends with a certain customer of a specific demography and an analysis if that was converted to a sale (business value to understand sales process on the time spent by the salesperson to convert to a sale) – productive time vs non – productive time

Monitoring in-house sales process

Capture how time is spent across the Store , helping to create a robust and objective measurement system. Track metrics like how long it took a sales personal to attend a customer, preventing theft in stores, idle-time, etc

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