Robotic Process Automation (RPA), our current NEED!

Gobind Agarwal
Product Manager & Data Scientist
LokiBots India
September 6, 2021


It’s a human’s propensity to learn from example. Right from our childhood, we are taught ‘A’ for Apple, if we are not told the necessity and importance of anything we will never learn or apprehend the reason why we are introduced to that in our life. Irrespective of any discipline or domain this holds good, so whatever we acquire or want to know we should always go for what is the necessity and what is the prominence of the same.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a very glorified concept, but it is a very mundane thing, We humans don’t realize that we are hired as humans, but we end up becoming bots. We just perform the same structured set of processes day in and day out without any change. But the moment we realize that robotic process automation is just the concept for our benefit and how to make the potential use of it, our life will become much easier. Software bots just repeat as a novice in a company. Whatever is told or designed, the bot will just follow the same.


How LokiBots can help in your RPA journey?

LokiBots is a perfect fit in this space, as the platform itself promises that No-Code Automation and Do-It-Yourself automation will be handy and easy options to take care of all the mundane activities from day one itself. In addition to being a cloud-native platform with a subscription-based and pay-as-you-go pricing model, LokiBots reduces the Capex burden for the customers, allowing non-technical users in small, medium & large enterprises to automate data tasks with software bots that require zero coding skills and takes 1/10 the cost and 1/5 the time to grow/scale without new hiring.

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