9 cool features of LokiBots for intelligent automation

Dasu Gautham
Software Engineer (Ex-LokiBots)
LokiBots India
August 21, 2021


Some definitions:

Hi there, before we jump into getting to know the cool features of lokibots let’s explore some basic terminologies used in lokibots.

Bot: Bot is a basic unit in the LokiBots ecosystem. It starts just with a screen recording and adding some enhancements. Boom it’s done. You can replay the bot, publish your bot to bot stores, share bot with you colleagues and even schedule your bots to run at specific time. Feeling excited, contact us for more details.

User and Roles: Every user in LokiBots ecosystem is either invited or they sign up for using the platform and each of the users has a specific role in the lokibots platform. The features vary from user to user. Interested to know more please contact us, we are equally excited to help you :).

Virtual Machine: LokiBots is a cloud native platform, built over GCP(Google Cloud Platform) and the bots created using the virtual machines of the GCP provided for each user. Users using LokiBots, depending on the plan chosen, get virtual machine hours in their account and the users are charged additional usage for the vm’s if any. To know more details please visit pricing in LokiBots

Okay, so let’s now jump into the cool features of LokiBots

Create unlimited bots:

The unique feature of LokiBots is that an unlimited number of bots can be created by a user and do all the operations as discussed above like sharing etc. The user will not be charged for the number of bots created but only for the virtual machines if any additional time the vm is used. The user can customize the bots based on their preferences into different categories.

Quick and easy setup:

It is very easy to get onboarded to Lokibots, all you need to do is to visit the signup page and fill in the details asked. You can choose the subscription plan accordingly and you get a mail regarding the credentials and other details, which you can follow to use Lokibots platform. Hurray, you are onboarded. You will be provided access to Lokibots webapp, an and a virtual machine in your account is also provided.

Invite unlimited Users:

As discussed, to avail lokibots, the user can either register himself or can be invited to lokibots. The registered user can invite other users to use the lokibots system. An email for the same is sent to the invited user and the user can accept or reject the invitation to use lokibots. It’s that simple to onboard a new user to LokiBots.

Schedule bots:

You might be having scenarios like sending mails and a specific time to multiple users or have a task done at the end of the day or at the beginning of the day. In such cases lokibots can be helpful to do the repetitive jobs. For the same a bot can be created and can be scheduled. Interested to know more, please contact us.

Share bots:

Great, you will be developing bots with some hands on experience, and then automate your repetitive tasks. But the even more cool thing to do is to share the bot created with your colleagues or any other other user.

Publish bots to bot stores

You can publish your bots to different botstores present in the LokiBots ecosystem. Other users having the appropriate access can access the bots and use the bots created by you, sounds exciting visit our app today and explore.

Email and Notification alert to user

The user gets notified when a bot succeeds or fails through email and a log of the steps executed by the bot are also recorded. Other notification features include social media type of notifications to notify the user about the actions performed on the LokiBots platform.

User management and security

On successfully getting on boarded to LokiBots, the user(owner) can invite other users in his organization to use LokiBots. Invited users on acceptance of invitation get onboarded to use LokiBots. The access and role management for various features of LokiBots is controlled by the owner. The owner can upgrade/downgrade the roles of other users and other features of publishing bots etc are managed by the owner. Interested to know more, we are also excited to meet you. Kindly contact us.

Record screens and python enhancements

One of the simplest things that can be done in LokiBots is building a bot. It starts with the recording of the screen, you show the bot what needs to be automated by doing it once, the bot memorizes the steps done and we are good to go. In some complex situations, the could be confusing tasks for bots as well, the python enhancements comes to our rescue here. As we see that python is one of the popular languages and a bit simpler compared to other programming languages, we can add some code related to the enhancement that is required. Another feature of adding enhancement for each of the steps is also present. We can quickly have a demo if you are interested to know more of our platform.

Thanks for your valuable time. Have a great day.

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